Friday, July 15, 2016

Premia Group Sets a New Benchmark by its Commitment to Preserve Ecological Balance

Premia Group, a business giant, started its real estate operations in 2011. Since then, they have established a formidable reputation in this business and are known for redefining luxurious experiences. The visionary behind Premia's grand success is Mr. Tarun Shienh, the Chairman of Premia Group. His highly enviable experience of 21 years is the greatest asset that Premia boasts of today. Courtesy his incessant effort towards innovation, Mr. Shienh has come up with the idea of corporate cities in a bid to change the rules of corporate luxury forever.

Premia Corporate City in Noida is an upcoming state-of-the-art venture that takes pride in its grandness. The well-planned project offers a complete corporate city experience which includes a 5-star hotel, corporate offices, service studios, retail mall, golf course, amusement park, theme-based restaurants, cultural food courts and an endless list of world-class amenities.

The idea is to build sustainable buildings; this is why the contractor is being instructed to implement smart energy strategies like works commissioning, efficient designs and construction, use of efficient appliances etc. The most important is the efficient use of water because buildings are considered the main consumers of potable water. Not only this, a lot of water is wasted during the construction of a building. Hence, Premia Group pays special attention that only recycled water is used for construction. Apart from this, only environment-friendly building material is being used. The toxic chemicals generated during construction can be reduced by reuse and recycling of the building material.

Premia Corporate City and Crown of Noida by Premia Group, both follow the same environment-friendly construction model. The idea is to not to compromise on the ecological balance just for the sake of luxury. By taking all these steps towards environment conservation, Premia has established a new business ethic which mandates conglomerates to think in this direction.

These sustainable buildings will have dedicated corporate towers for different categories of offices. The concept behind these lavish corporate cities is to give to the customers an ultimate corporate destination, which transforms business into something grander. The star attractions of this corporate city are - exclusive lobbies, conference rooms, convertible work stations, theme restaurants, banks and ATMs, coffee shop, spa, gym, bar, multiplexes and business centre etc. A kids zone has been especially built to take special care of children. A shopper's destination with unmatched range of services, facilities and amenities, Premia Corporate City is on its way to becoming a real estate milestone.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Premia Group - The Safest Investment option in Commercial Real Estate

Premia Group is an organization specializing in bringing innovative and highly utilitarian concepts to you in the most presentable and affordable fashion. This is amply visible from the multitude of innovative concepts they have brought to the Indian consumers. Making good of their potential and the promise they have, Premia is making new headway into the commercial realty segment with their latest offering, the "Business Center Cum Professional Office", which would henceforth be available in both of their top notch projects - Premia Corporate City: India's First Corporate City. This project being located at convenient distances from major strategic sites, present a host of convenience to the patrons of realty in the region. While Premia's Corporate City lies in the fast developing Greater Noida West.

There are a lots of benefits to be drawn out of investing in these latest offerings from Premia. Apart from the Locational benefits, an investor gets to enjoy commendable facilities and amenities at their service round the clock. To start with, the space on proffer is made available to the investors at a very reasonable price; starting from 5.85 Lacs in India`s 1st corporate City. The available office space comprises of a fully furnished office with a Director's cabin and 2 work stations which works extremely well with the nature of organizations in the modern day corporate scenario. In addition to this, the benefactor also stands to gain from the exceptional facilities available at their service. Investing in a "Business Center Cum Professional Office" at any of the two locations entitles them to avail the world class facilities of India`s 1st Corporate City Project viz. Five Star Hotel, Retail Mall, Restaurants, Food Court, Amusement Park, Golf Course Etc. and the world class facilities of Crown Of Noida Project like Retails Shops, Restaurants, 5 Star Lobbies etc. All these make for the investment to be an excellent opportunity. Apart from these, the investor also stands to amenities like a common reception area, common meeting and shared conference rooms, common wash rooms and cafeteria on each floor. There is also outstanding room service to go with all these facilties. The room service can be a luxury or a basic setting as per the needs, size and budgets of your organization i.e. 5 star, food courts and Pantry on each floor. However, despite these world class facilties and offerings, the best USP of the project still remains its affordability which is attracting lot of investors.

And this is not all by any stretch of imagination. In keeping with the tradition of giving their investors the best value for money, Premia has ensured with this latest presentation that they are the leaders in the customer satisfaction domain. In case of the "Business Center Cum Professional Office", the investor also gets a 11.5 % assured return which means that you will start benefiting from your investment sooner than you would imagine.

All these advantages combined into a single package make for an investment avenue to look forward to. While Premia makes its best efforts to make the offering as comprehensive as possible, investors are sure to be excited by the plethora of benefits they can derive out of this modest investment for a world class offering of realty.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Premia Corporate City - India's 1st Corporate City at KP 5, Greater Noida West

Premia Corporate city is planned in a way to give world-class facilities and would be one of its kind. This first corporate city will fulfil the entire needs of urban class consumer with new definition of luxury. The Unique feature, design and architecture would differentiate this city from other players and products from market.

Corporate city is a commercial project that would have dedicated corporate towers with different category of offices as per the consumers choice and satisfaction. The space and required facilities are planned in all corporate offices and Business Centre.  Star attraction of this corporate city would be, Exclusive lobby, conference room, convertible work stations, theme restaurants, banks and ATM, Coffee shop, Spa, International Gym, Bar, Multiplexes, Business Centre etc. The team believes in quality life so while designing the corporate city special care of kids have been taken, kids zone and crèche are beautifully designed keeping in mind all requirements. Premia Corporate City will also have its door open for Masses as it would be a complete Corporate and Shopper's destination with unmatched range of services, facilities and amenities of world-class standards.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Premia Group - India's 1st Corporate City - KP 5, Greater Noida West

Premia Group is the Safest Investment Option in the Real Estate Sectors. Offering 12.5% Assured Returns on your investment in Premia Corporate City situated in Knowledge Park 5, Greater Noida West.