Friday, December 27, 2013

Real Estate Sector post delhi election what to accept?

The Poll results…and the change in Government spreads a wave of positive sentiments in the real Estate sector. The expectations of the developers have drastically increased and all eyes are on the steps that would be taken up by the new party in power to speed up the delays that are faced by the developers for clearance and approvals….as this leads to the delay in projects and also increases the cost of project by almost 40%.

If we see the graph of the new projects that were launched by the developers in 2013, we will see a drop in launch of new projects as compared to previous years…which in turn has resulted in inadequate supply of housing stock. This was due to the problems that the developers or builders have to face due to the delay in approvals or clearance of the projects. Real Estate sector plays an important role in driving the economy of our country to a new high. At present, it contributes 6.3 percent GDP and has a capability to drive economy to a double-digit growth. For the growth of this sector appropriate steps should be taken to subsidies the interest rates for the housing loans etc that would lead to the growth of Real Estate Sector. The experts believe that the clear mandate will lead to economic growth. The experts believe that the market is sentimental and will respond very soon.

 At this Tarun Shienh, The Real Estate Guru & CMD Premia Group says, “The real Estate Bill that was passed in 2013 has helped to bring transparency in the Real Estate sector. But it would contribute in the growth of the Real Estate sector only when the other peripherals are also managed, like clearance of any project should be given within 15 days of submitting all papers for the projects by a developer, inflation should be controlled and most important the rupee should become stagnant.

 It was expected that with the fall in the value of Rupee, NRI would invest in the Indian Real estate sector, but nothing like that happened as there is no stagnation in the value of the Rupee. So we have high hopes after the poll results that the Real Estate sector which has the most caliber to contribute in the growth of economy would witness strict steps for its growth in coming years by the government.”

Thursday, December 26, 2013

    1.Do you believe that re-branding and celebrity endorsements is one of the
Strongest tools for real estate developers who wish to create a unique identity? Could you please elaborate?

A: Celebrity endorsement and rebranding is a strong tool being extensively used by the real estate developers these days to create a strong brand identity. As is the case with most of the advertisements, a product i.e. In this case too, the real estate company in order to catch more eyeballs and reach out to the young audience these days who work for the MNCs having double income with both husband and wife earning and no children are potential investors in the real estate. As the saying goes that home is where the heart is holds equally true for developers to attract this category of buyers/investors in home buying. Yes, Celeb endorsement helps in building brand equity for a developer.

2. Should the role of branding be only limited to promotions? Please explain? A: The role of branding should be limited to promotions. At the end of the day, the product or the flat/villa what you promise and deliver is what matters. Branding only helps in promotion of any property.

3. Have you taken any celebrity as brand ambassador? If yes, then has it
Delivered desired results?
A: No we haven’t taken any celebrity as brand ambassador. Our company believes that the three golden principles for the success of any organization are: Trust, Transparency and commitment to our customers as well as investors.

4. Do you have any such plan to associate with some celebrities? If you have one, please name the celebrity and why did you chose him/her for your promotion?
A: As of now, we haven’t hired any celebrity for our promotion. For the Premia Group our CMD, Mr. Tarun Shienh, the Real Estate Guru is himself an icon. The investors have an unflinching trust and faith in his leadership quality and that is the main driving force for the Group.

5. Do you agree that big developers utilize the brand image of celebrities for
their luxury projects as they target selected buyers. What would be the revenue impact of the company on such endorsement move?
A: Yes, indeed it is true that big developers heavily depend on the brand image of celebrity for selling their premium and ultra-luxury Projects. It does have great implications on company’s revenue spend for such endorsements. Since the real estate developers spend a lot of money for promoting ultra luxury big ticket projects and the target buyers don’t mind paying a little more for buying a premium Property, the endorsement cost of the Celeb gets offset for the developer. In my opinion, the developers don’t mind shelling out moneys for celeb endorsement, as they can afford them looking at the overall benefit for selling their projects. The quality of the construction material for building a flat really is what matters and the reputation and trust build over a period of time.

6. If endorsement plan is a positive move for you, which medium (say, internet, print, television, radio or hoardings) has the maximum impact?
A: In my opinion hoardings that build a larger than life image for the developer’s project followed by Print and Television certainly play a role in enhancing the brand equity of any property. Radio has its own advantage followed by Internet are equally important tools for brand building.

7. What is your budget for such plan, if you would like to invite some      celebrities for endorsement?
A: Since we really don’t believe that celeb endorsement works, that’s why we don’t wish to qualify any budget. Our CMD,Mr. Tarun Shienh, the acknowledged Real Estate Guru is himself an icon for the Premia Group, we don’t endorse celeb factor.

8. 2013 have witnessed a trend of star endorsements, will the trend continue
in 2014? Will there be more stars shining on the real estate skyline?
A: Yes, indeed the year 2013had witnessed star endorsements by some of the leading developers for endorsement of their premium projects. Yes, in 2014 too, developers will continue to depend on celebs for their brand building by paying huge moneys for brand building .There will be more star studded realty projects shinning on the real estate skyline.  In my humble opinion for the real estate developer a celeb endorsement works to a point of brand building/ brand identification. Beyond that what really matters is the deliverables, the trust and the customer-satisfaction that the developer is able to gain .In the long run, if the realtor is able to get repeat customers and public appreciation through word of mouth publicity for quality on – time  delivery , I think he has made his day.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Time Linked Plan- Premia taking the innovation world by a storm

Premia Group and “The Real Estate Guru” Tarun Shienh have always been in the thick of things as far as the realty world and the innovation bandwagon is concerned. Having had a long history of bringing concepts as pioneering as India’s First Corporate City and countless other unique ideas to life, Premia is one organization that never seems to fall short of motive and determination to better the lives of their patrons and investors. Owing to the superlative intellect and inherent understanding of the consumer behaviors and needs instilled in them by their CMD, Tarun Shienh, the task force at Premia is always dedicated to finding newer and better solutions to the same old problems. By doing this, they ensure that while investors see the worth of their capital being delivered, they, as an organization, are recognized as the effort makers who don’t just do but care. Tarun Shienh is known in the realty circles as the Real Estate Guru and he just never ceases to amaze those following his growth. Every other day, his continued brain storming leads to something bright and ground-breaking that can be well utilized to change the course of the market scenarios and investor moods alike. This long lasting list of innovations never seems to culminate but keeps burgeoning with every passing day.

This time, keeping in view investor sentiments and market uncertainties, Premia Group and Mr. Shienh have successfully devised a plan to get straight entry to investors’ good books. While the market is reeling under the numerous blows from the economic front, there is a strongly felt need to pick up the mood of the nation realty wise and pump hope into the market, so that the negative sentiments are overcome and result in a speedy recovery of the trends. This is concurred by the real estate experts and the realty community at large as the downturn is hurting the current market as well the prospects of future sales. Having an eye on this situation, meticulous research and planning was undertaken by the team and Mr. Shienh himself following which a payment plan was devised; the Time Linked Plan, one which encourages the investors to part with their funds in a controlled fashion which can also be related to the progress of the project. This not only gives the investors a sense of being in control of their funds and decisions but also lends a positive vibe to the whole association. With the intent behind it making the transaction transparent, the plan is anticipated to sit well with the patrons.

This is one of a kind innovative payment plan the likes of which have never been floated in the Indian market. Premia, being the initiator of the concept, looks forward to helping the investors make the most of their funds. The benefits to the TimeLinked plan are multi faceted. Firstly, this being a well thought out and researched unique plan, it will send out the right message to the investors in terms of being cared about. Having a look at the details of the plans will make them appreciate the efforts The Premia Group and The Real Estate Guru has put into devising the plan and the intent with which it was developed. Secondly, it has been designed to facilitate the investors into easy and convenient outlay and securing their initial spends on the booking. Thirdly, it will not only pump funds into the market picking up the standing but it will also spread word of the positive developments and create a buzz of the trend improving. Most importantly, it will make investors aware of the evolving real estate market and the initiatives being taken by the leading innovators, The Premia Group and Tarun Shienh, for a mutually fruitful association and keeping their valued investors at the hub of their thought process.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Premia Group Launches India’s Ist TIME LINKED PLAN

Introducing for 1st Time in India "TIME LINKED PLAN" in India's 1st Corporate City - Premia Corporate City & Crown of Noida - Premia Corporate City 2 by PREMIA GROUP

Monday, December 9, 2013

Premia Corporate City at Greater Noida sets benchmark for Indian Commercial Real Estate Projects

The launch of India `s 1st Corporate City (Premia Corporate City) at Knowledge Park 5 , Greater Noida by India`s Leading Diversified Business Group “ Premia Group ” has emerged as the Most Promising and Preferred Destination among the Corporate , Commercial and Residential Real Estate Investors.
Premia Group has introduced its upcoming Ultra Luxurious Commercial Real Estate project “Premia Corporate City” for all those Investors who are looking for an Innovative and Promising Commercial Real Estate Project that will give Capital Appreciation, Rental Income and High Assured Returns on their investments. The Project has already received prestigious awards by Builder’s Council of India (BCI) for its “Best Location” and “Innovative Concept” backed up with expertise and experience of renowned consultants and architects including Design Team 3, Singapore and ADI Ltd,Hongkong.

Corporate Parks and Business Parks are age old concept in Indian Realty Sector, where Builders and Developers offer just Commercial Office Spaces or Retail Spaces but Premia Corporate City moved step ahead by launching Corporate City at Greater Noida, first of its kind not only in Greater Noida or Noida Extension but in India. Premia Corporate City offers anything and everything which a Corporate House, International Brand and Investors are exploring – Class, Elegance, Ultra Luxurious Complete Corporate City having 5 Star Hotel, Corporate Offices, Retail Mall, Serviced Studios, Amusement Park, 5 Star Clubs, International Spa, Banquet Hall, Food Court, Banks, ATM Space and a Golf Course.

The Dynamic and Innovative Premia Group is changing the face of Real Estate in India with its Innovative Real Estate Projects backed up with Trust, Transparency and Commitments as their Corporate Ethics. And it had Organized Bhoomi Pujan for India's First Corporate City, Premia Corporate City at Knowledge Park 5, and Greater Noida in the month of july 2013.

Tarun Shienh, CMD Premia Group and “The Real Estate Guru” congratulated the entire Premia Team and Investors who are proud owners of Commercial Space and Villas in Premia Corporate City after the Bhoomi Pujan of India’s First Corporate City, Most Promising Commercial Real Estate Project at Greater Noida and Lucrative Investment Opportunity offering Assured Returns and Capital Appreciation.
Premia Group under the dynamic leadership and extraordinary vision of Mr. Tarun Shienh ( CMD Premia Group & The Real Estate Guru) has therefore generated a good perception of Trust and Perfection and has taken Premia Group to new heights of success.

Premia Corporate City has given the investors reason to celebrate & cheer and raise their expectations with Premia Group to come up with similar milestone projects in future which gives them unmatched innovation and luxury component with assured returns.