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Monday, August 19, 2013

Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD Premia Group & The Real Estate Guru) Coverage in THE MAN MAGAZINE

The Real Estate Guru, Tarun Shienh quoted as "The Man Who Evolved Real Estate Industry" by "The Magazine".

Tarun Shienh, CMD Premia Group is Featured and Covered by several leading National Print and Electronic Media as a Man with Innovation and Vision, who set Quality and Commitment Benchmarks for Realty Sector in India.
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Friday, August 9, 2013

Mr. Tarun Shienh, The Real Estate Guru Features in INDIA EMPIRE (Leading International Magazine for NRI's)

Tarun Shienh has come to be known as the face of Indian Real Estate in the past few months. He is a true professional whose success story is all about grit, commitment and deliverance and outlines the significance of honesty in a business transaction. With him making appearances in various events, being covered by prestigious publications and interviewed by established new papers and channels, he seems to be on the run of his life. Though he has been an extremely successful professional all his career, his fame was nowhere near the stardom it is today. Latest in a long line of coverages by esteemed magazines, Mr. Shienh has now appeared on the cover of the prominent NRI magazine “India Empire”. His contributions to the real estate community and his ideology as well as vision have been published by the magazine which is widely read and immensely popular among NRI communities.

It has become a regular occurrence of sorts for Indian audiences to see Tarun Shienh’s name being highlighted in various publications of repute. His views and ideas regarding real estate are highly respected in his own community as well as among the millions of readers and viewers who have benefited from his astute insight and sharp intellect. The magazine, in its cover story on The Real Estate Guru”, has tried to capture the essence of the man and his though process. His passion for masses and his part in their development through his area of expertise is the central theme of the treatment. He has taken Premia to scale new heights as an organization and his endeavors towards the advantage of the masses is more of an emotion rather than an undertaking.
In this interview for the magazine, he has shared his views on the present real estate scenario and how real estate is all geared up to play a pivotal role for the economy in the forthcoming years. His extraordinary vision is already setting up examples for his contemporaries and inspiring millions of aspiring entrepreneurs to fall in his footsteps. The dialogue also lays stress on Premia’s ascendance to success and the impetus behind the show. For Tarun Shienh, there has never been a shortage of ideas and his creative energies always seem to be on the brim of his personality. The interview also grazes upon the creative talents Mr. Shienh possesses and brings the readers close to his train of thought and the mindset of a genius at work. The Indian audiences have seen Tarun Shienh up close numerous times in the past and now, through this interview, Indian Empire have taken upon themselves the task to introduce this gem of the Indian Real Estate arena to the NRI and POI communities, highlighting his prowess and skills as an innovator and a people’s person. It also showcases how his vast experience across industries has provided him the requisite proficiency to script his progress like a virtuoso and afforded him the capability to execute these plans right down to the last detail.

The talk also points out Tarun’s contribution towards Premia’s success and his plans for the future and how he envisions it to materialize in keeping with the current stature. In its entirety, it focuses on how Tarun is shaping the face of the Real Estate industry for the better and redefining the efforts to concentrate on deriving the maximum for benefit of the masses rather than just concentrating on the monetary rewards. It is this sentiment of great amplitude that makes him the man he is and has seen him receive accolades and appreciation time and again.
Tarun Shienh, The Real Estate Guru Features in India Empire, Leading International Magazine for NRIs

Friday, August 2, 2013

Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD Premia Group & The Real Estate Guru) Coverage in Delhi Times

BUZZ AROUND ALIA: After her glamorous showing at the recently concluded Bridal Week, Alia Bhatt turned up in a Girl-Next Door but equally pretty avatar at a Rakhi Teej bazaar organized in the city recently.
Present at the event was Tarun Shienh, Real Estate Guru and CMD, Premia Group, whose family, big fans of ‪Alia‬, were very excited to meet her. Alia was welcomed by Aruna Mukim, the president of the NGO Amanuday‬, which was followed by a dance performance by the kids of the NGO to the actress’ song, Radha. Alia cheered for them and later said, “As a kid, at every function, I used to dance to songs from the films of Karishma‬ Kapur,Kareena‬ and every other actress. And now, these little girls are dancing to my song. I can’t believe it. It is at times like these that you realize, this is actually happening. It’s heartwarming and I feel so honored.

Added Mr. Tarun Shienh, “I’m honoured to be part of the event. Being an Entrepreneur and Citizen of India, it is my first responsibility to help the society in any way I can. I was touched when I learnt about Amanuday, how they are supporting underprivileged women and helping them progress by giving them vocational training for various skills.
"Tarun Shienh, who gave new dimensions to Real Estate In India by its Promising and Innovative Commercial Real Estate Project, Premia Corporate City (India's First Corporate City) and as a CSR Initiatives Associated with Several Causes and Initiatives. Tarun Shienh, known for Trust, Transparency and Commitments as his Core Values, Innovation and Dynamic as his Expertise and His Active Participation and Contribution to Society for Social Cause and Initiatives."

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mr. Tarun Shienh supports the Rakhee Teej Mela organized by Amanuday for a Cause

Mr. Tarun Shienh, The Real Estate Guru CMD Premia Group sponsors Rakhee Teej Mela, organized by Amanuday for a cause, which was inaugurated by Alia Bhatt.

The event was organized at Rajwada Palace at GT Karnal Road to mark the celebration for the forthcoming festivals. Decorated with jhoolas (swings), flowers and lehriya dupattas,the one day Rakhi Teej Mela featured best of jewellery shopping,designer wears, accessories for the women, apart from that, the customers were indulged in mehendi; tattoo; nail art; handbags; bangles; bindi; designer rakhis, free makeover session by a leading cosmetic brand and other fabulous items. 

The event took up with glamour as Alia Bhatt entered the event for the opening ceremony. The Guest of Honour Mr. Tarun Shienh, The Real Estate Guru &  CMD Premia Group were welcomed by Dr. Aruna Mukim, President of Amanuday.

Dr. Aruna Mukim, President of Amanuday, said, “Teej is a much-awaited festival for women as it denotes joy, hope and a much needed break from their daily household grind. They get an opportunity to indulge in traditional customs such as applying mehndi, shopping for new jewellery, riding swings and feasting on ghewar and fenni. Keeping this in mind, we have tried our best to create an exotic ambience that celebrates both the festivity of Teej and the spirit of saawan (monsoon)."

“I thank Alia Bhatt & Mr. Tarun Shienh to take out time to support the Rakhee Teej Mela that we have organized for a cause. They have showcased the softer side of their personalities by their presence today at the venue, despite of their busy schedule.”

Mr.Tarun Shienh, said, “I am honoured to be part of the event, being an entrepreneur & citizen of India, it is my first responsibility to help the society in all ways I can. I was touched when I learnt about Amanuday that how they are supporting underprivileged women and helping them grow by giving them Vocational training for various skills, with which they are able to earn better and support their family and children in a better way."
He added, "I feel good when I do something for the needy or for the society, and I feel we all should join hands to work for the upliftment of these underprivileged women and children as this would lead us to success”.