Thursday, March 21, 2013

Premia Corporate City 2 at Sector 62, Noida - Crown of Noida

Premia recently announced it’s another commercial project at Noida after the success of Premia Corporate City, a milestone successful project by the organization which was announced in 2012 as India’s First Corporate City. This next commercial project again takes the advantage of credibility, trust and transparency values of the company backed up with again preferred location.
The announcement came with a great opportunity for the investors who were looking for really good projects as investment for great returns. Innovative Approach and Location Advantage of Premia Corporate City already had elevated the benchmarks of the Real Estate Industry and with the launch of Crown of Noida at Sector 62, Noida will give choice of commercial realty project from the makers of India’s First Corporate City. Crown of Noida offers plethora of facilities offered First Time in Noida by any developer including Corporate Office Space, Serviced Studios, Retail Mall , Star Rated Hotel , Banks & ATMS Space, Theme Based Restaurants , Multiplex , Microbrewery etc on a 3 Side Open Plot with focus of a complete Business Centre and Commercial Hub.
Crown of Noida is going to be again the preferred choice for investors for its Location and Masterpiece Planning and above all the Premia driven by innovative leadership of Mr. Tarun Shienh. The expert leadership and innovative approach of Tarun Shienh needs no further explanations after the success of Premia Corporate city and Awards, Honor and Recognition he had recently received as a Real Estate Guru.
“Apart from Innovative Approach, Masterpiece Planning and Transparent Implementation, credit of success of Premia Corporate City also goes to our Investors and we will take our expertise and experience forward with same commitment and transparency in all of our projects where each of our project will have Luxury, Innovative Approach and Location Advantage as Premium to our investors”, quoted Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD, Premia)
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Crown Of Noida - Premia Corporate City 2 : Specifications

  3 Side Open Plot
 Business Center concept. 5 Star facilities like Reception, Washroom, 
Pantry, Room Service, etc.
 Indoor Water Park
 Star Rated Hotel
 4 Lane Bowling Alley
 Indoor Virtual Golf
 Theme Based Restaurant
 Banks and ATMs
 International GYM
 Bar Lounge & Discotheque
 Indoor Swimming Pool
 Water Treatment Park
 Micro Brewery
 Food Court
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Mr. Tarun Shienh Addressing in PHD-Premia Honour For Excellence 2013


PHD- Premia Honour For Excellence 2013 on 14th March 2013

Premia Projects Ltd yet achieves another milestone, this time not into its core realty sector but by announcing first PHD-Premia Honor for Excellence 2013 for felicitating some of the known public figures and personalities and honoring them for their contribution to society in various aspects. PHD-Premia Honor was aligned, organized and announced along with the closing ceremony for “Women beyond Boundaries, a Contemporary Art Exhibition”.

Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD, Premia Projects and The Real Estate Guru) in his closing note thanked PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries and the organizers of the event for offering a great platform to Artists and also to all the awardees for their extended contribution to the society. His special note of thanks was for the Chief Guest, Ms Chandresh Kumari Katoch (Hon'ble Minister for Culture).
Some of the Personalities felicitated and honored in the Event included Path Breaking Producer – Mr. Rahul Mittra, Ms. Jaya Singh and Ms. Chitrangada Raje Singh for the Cultural and Social Responsibility, Mr. Sumit Kumar Agarwal for Innovative Social Enterprise Solutions, Ms. Vidhyun Goel for her contribution and Social Responsibility, Ms. Ramon Llamba as Women with Vision, Mr. Sunil Gulati (CVO, DDA) for Innovation in Administrative Reforms and Activities, Mr. Manoj Sharma for Social Responsibility Initiatives, Ms. Rita Gangwani for Innovation in Personality Development and Yoga Acharya Suneel Singh for Health and Wellness. The Honor were announced with a Trophy by Shri Tarun Shienh (The Real Estate Guru) and Shri Suman Jyoti Khaitan (President, PHD Chamber)

Apart from the Honors to personalities from different phases but all contributing the Society with their Innovation and Expertise, Mr Tarun Shienh also felicitated and Congratulated various Participants and Artists for the Exhibition including Ms. Bipasha Sen Gupta, Mr. Gagan Vij, Mr. Priyendra Shukla, Mr. Biplab Sarkar, Ms. Renuka Sondhi Gulathi and Ms. Rashmi Uppal for their Achievement, Vision, Innovation and Contribution to Art.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mr. Tarun Shienh - The Real Estate Guru honored by PHD Chamber on 8th March

Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD, Premia Projects Ltd) honored with a Title of “The Real Estate Guru” has taken up the responsibility to elevate the Real Estate Industry to the next level by providing Innovative & Customized end-to-end solutions to the customers, be it in Residential or Commercial Projects. He sets a Success Story through his Commitments, Innovative thinking and Strong leadership qualities. Mr. Shienh has taken up the responsibility to edify the investors & masses and create a culture of transparency within the real estate industry. Mr. Tarun Shienh as a Real Estate Guru and Innovative Young Entrepreneur has a vision of Delivering Highest Levels of Quality Standards in all of its Projects and Commitments with key stakeholders - Clients, Employees, Investors, and Community etc, which meets the Needs and Expectations of Modern India.
“Associating with “Women beyond Boundaries”, Contemporary Art Show by PHD Chamber is a great experience and honor for me, where we could foresee a vision of Women Emerging, Leading and Achieving Milestones in every field and industry”, quoted by Mr. Tarun Shienh on the Occasion.

Tarun Shienh, The Real Estate Guru, said, “I welcome the responsibility and opportunity to work more closely for the masses and enlighten them about the industry so that they may take right decisions while investing in property. Being the head of a Large Real Estate Group, I foresee to create many more opportunities where we may be able to spread awareness about the real estate industry and develop trust, transparency and quality ethos in Real Estate industry”. Tarun Shienh, a man with a vision, has come to terms with his life by continuously working towards professional excellence and most of his time is being utilized in giving his investors a wholesome best return on investment experience.
  Mr. Tarun Shienh - The Real Estate Guru honored by PHD Chamber on 8th March

Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD, Premia Projects Ltd) & The Real Estate Guru honored by PHD Chamber on 8th March

If You Want To Succeed You Should Strike Out New Path Rather Travel on Worn Path Of Accepted Success?Image
Well Said and applicable in case of one personality Mr. Tarun Shienh, One Name that is inspiring millions of Indians with his success story.
He carries a diverse 18 years rich management experience across  Brands like New York Life, Bajaj Allianz, HDFC Bank…. etc. He had been continuously featured in leading magazine India Today.
Ranked among the Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs by Mail Today, Mr. Shienh has headed a Sales Channel of 2 Lakh Plus Employees during his Financial Sector Days.
Real Estate has always been his passion, which is evident from the fact that he has established of 3 Real Estate Brands in 5 years, a remarkable achievement in itself.
His Linkedin Profile is among top 2 % Most Viewed Profile in India.
He is Award Winner from Leading Real Estate Magazine Property Observer and Property Portal Online “”
His brainchild real estate project “India 1st Corporate City“has broken all barriers in success with India`s Leading Builders Body “Builders Council of India “acknowledging it as the Premium Concept of Year and Sky Rocketing Sales. He is called to deliver key notes on various forums by leading National and International Level institutions like Monet Today FPCIL Awards.
Distinguished guests, honorary patrons, ladies and gentlemen, there's no such thing as perfection.  But sometimes, rarely more than once in a generation, an individual comes along who, by virtue of his natural talent and his personal qualities, embodies the very best in his profession and the ideal of his fellow Indian
And so that individual set an example which inspire millions And that's what Mr. Tarun Shienh  has done throughout his career with exemplary dignity, humility and serenity. It’s a real privilege to be here tonight.
You just need to Google about Tarun Shienh you will receive hundreds of links about his profile then  you will understand how much he has contributed to Growth of Innovation in Real Estate Sector.
Mr. Shienh achievements on the Real Estate is well known, and his innovative approach, sound financial planning and business acumen is well known and acknowledged in the Fraternity.
He is called the Guru amongst his colleagues in Real Estate Arena
All developers due to his Vision, strategizing capability and management skills, Developers come to him for Guru Gyan before launching of their projects to take his feedback.
He is called “The Real estate GURU”, considered honest and is a man with the extraordinary vision. 
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