Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Premia Corporate City Creates a Buzz in Realty Market of Greater Noida, Lucknow, Patna, Chandigarh and Now in Agra

Premia Projects Ltd introduced its upcoming Ultra Luxurious Commercial Real Estate project for the Investors looking for Innovative and Promising Commercial Real Estate Projects for Capital Appreciation, Rental Income and High Assured Returns on their investments. The Project already received prestigious award by Builder’s Council of India (BCI) for its Best Location Selection and Innovative Concept backed up with expertise and experience of renowned consultants and architects including Design Team 3, Singapore and ADI Ltd, Hongkong.

Corporate Park and Business Park was age old concept in Indian Realty Sector, where Builders and Developers offer Commercial Office Space or Retail Spaces but Premia Corporate City moved steps ahead and announced Corporate City at Greater Noida, first of its kind not only in Greater Noida or Noida Extension but in India. Premia Corporate City offers anything and everything which a Corporate House, International Brand and Investors are exploring – Class, Elegance, Ultra Luxurious Complete Corporate City having 5 Star Hotel, Corporate Offices, Retail Mall, Serviced Studios, Amusement Park, 5 Star Clubs, International Spa, Banquet Hall, Food Court, Banks, ATM Space and a Golf Course.

Recently Mr. Tarun Shienh, Managing Director of Premia Projects Ltd announced the expansion plans to introduce the Corporate City Concept in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities so that investors from these cities can actually come up for investment in the promising commercial project, India’s First Corporate City and Upcoming Corporate Destination. Premia Projects therefore announced its Regional Office in Patna (Bihar) with its presence marked out in Lucknow, Agra and Chandigarh. “Introducing the Concept of Complete Corporate City will actually open Investment avenues and mark development of Greater Noida as already Greater Noida marks connectivity with Delhi through Proposed Metro and World class Roads and with Agra through “Yamuna Expressway”, quoted by Mr. Ashu Gaur, Brand Management Consultant at Eixil Group.

Premia Corporate City is soon going to be a preferred choice for Companies to have their corporate offices at a location which connects to Capital City Delhi at one end and India’s tourist destination, Agra at other.

Premia Projects Ltd Coverage in HT City at Agra in 29th January

Sea Express News on 25th January 2013 at Agra


Premia Projects Enters the City Beautiful Chandigarh Via Mail Today Property Expo 2012

Premia Projects Ltd, a venture by a Visionary Entrepreneur, Mr Tarun Shienh is proud to be associated with Money Today-FPCIL Awards constituted for Individuals and Institutions for having demonstrated Leadership in Financial Well-Being for Consumers. 
Mr. Tarun Shienh, Chairman & Managing Director of Premia projects and a veteran of Indian financial sector believes that banks are the lifeline of any infrastructure projects in the country. Mr Shienh made his presence in this graceful award ceremony to felicitate the who’s who of Indian financial services.  
Commenting about his association with financial world and FPCIL Awards Mr. Shienh said, “There is a synergy between financial and real estate sector. This prestigious event will enable Premia to create a strong bond with financial institution, consumers and will unfold enormous opportunity in coming years.”  
The financial services industry has been evolving over the last two decades and it has witnessed significant transition over the years. Today leaders in the financial services domain, who stand out, have established quality standards and benchmarks in various sectors that can serve as a road map for achieving leadership in the respective domains.

Mr. Tarun Shienh is one such few examples, under whose extraordinary vision and fine leadership Premia Projects is born that delivers innovative and high quality real estate projects in India, matching the expectations of its key stake holders i.e. its Client, Investors, Associates etc.
The Prestigious Project "Premia Corporate City" by Premia Projects has already won critically acclaimed award for its Premium Innovative Concept and Good Location Selection 

During his tenure with the financial services world, Mr.Shienh found there are loopholes prevailed in the real estate sector as there was a lack of organised co-operations as per the clients’ requirements. His vision was to have a symbiotic relationship with clients, wherein investors see their money grow and company, in turn, benefits from the lasting relation built with the client in the process.
Thus, The Premia Projects aiming high in order to meet the expectations of modern India  creating high quality urban real estate projects. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Premia Projects Ltd Video Presentation

Premia Corporate City, India's 1st Corporate City Enters City of Taj Mahal, Agra

Realty major Premia Projects Ltd, a venture by a visionary entrepreneur, Mr.Tarun Shienh today announced its presence in the city of Taj Mahal (Agra) through its Ultra Luxury Commercial Project, “Premia Corporate City - India's First Corporate City”. The project has emerged as the Most Preferred Corporate Destination in the country and is the India's 1st Corporate City in true sense.
Mr.  Tarun Shienh, Chairman & Managing Director, Premia Projects who conceptualized this project with an aim to change the face of realty in Indian said, “We at Premia Projects are committed towards evolving real estate in India by bringing world-class, innovative, state-of-the-art facility and concepts for the benefit of Indian and NRI real estate buyers".

Agra is the second city in UP and third outside Delhi NCR, where Premia launched its First Ultra Luxury Project, initially Premia Projects announced the Regional Office at Lucknow followed by in Patna (Bihar)
Commenting on this development and announcement,  Mr.  Shienh said, “Agra is a major tourism and industrial city of India, where both Indian and Foreign investors are investing. Agra is already witnessing major investment in Tourism, Handicrafts, Jewelry, Apparel, Manufacturing, Automobile and Leather accessories. Consumers are now looking for Ultra Luxury real estate project to invest or for their own consumption. India’s 1st Corporate City is going to provide that opportunity to the interested investors and end users who aspire for high quality urban real estate". He further added that as travelling time between Agra and Delhi become more convenient and shorter because of Yamuna Expressway people in Agra now prefer to invest in Greater Noida. For the first time in India an entire city is launched that will be dedicated to Corporates. India's 1st Corporate City in Greater Noida West will have 5 Star Hotel, Corporate Offices, Serviced Studios, Villas, Golf Course, Amusement Park, Exclusive Clubs and Retail Mall with Food Court, Banquet Hall, Restaurants, Multiplex, Bar & Lounges, Banks etc.

Premia Projects Ltd marks and announces its presence in City of Taj, Agra by introducing its Ultra Luxury Commercial Project, Premia Corporate City - India's 1st Corporate City at the City, being second city within Uttar Pradesh after Lucknow where Premia Expanded its operations recently. Before this Premia had announced its Regional Office in Patna (Bihar) in December 2012

Premia Corporate City – Time to Think beyond Corporate Park, Corporate Towers and Business Parks

Premia Corporate City, India’s First Corporate City is going to be India’s Upcoming and Most Promising Corporate Hub where Ultra Luxury Facilities and Services are offered as Premium on your Returns to Investment.
Strategic and Innovative Planning along and its structured implementation with commitments and dedication always work in real-estate industry. Recently launched Ultra Luxury Commercial Project, Premia Corporate City at Knowledge Park, Greater Noida (West) sets the best example to this. For its acclaimed and appreciated project, “Premia Corporate City” announced in 2012, Organization not only received positive and strong market response but also received awards by Builders Council of India for its Best Location Selection in the City. Premia Projects Ltd initially announced India’s First Corporate City with 5 Star Hotel, Corporate Offices, Serviced Studios, Golf Course, Retail Mall, Amusement Park, Banquet Hall, Multiplex, Food Court, Restaurant, Banks & ATM Space with other modern services and amenities which a Corporate House will not miss in this Corporate City. Combination of American Style Duplex Villas gives the Corporate City new dimensions of luxurious living.
Combination of “Yamuna Expressway”, connecting Greater Noida with Agra and Proposed “Metro Route”, connecting it with Delhi-NCR will be going to make Greater Noida another Corporate and Business Hub in coming years. After the launch of Yamuna Expressway, lot of Residential Township projects, Corporate Parks and Business Park projects were announced in Greater Noida and Noida extension to capture the mileage, but Premia Corporate City stands ahead of any competition due to its combination of promising location selection, investment advantage and innovative distinct project plan.
“Yamuna Expressway actually brought Agra far more closer to Greater Noida with convenient and easy travel, therefore Premia Projects opens the Concept of Corporate City in Agra for the Investors to explore and invest in our unmatched masterpiece project”, quoted Mr. Tarun Shienh, Managing Director, Premia Projects Limited during his Agra visit where he introduced Premia Corporate City open for Investors looking for Capital Appreciation and Rental Income at India’s upcoming most promising commercial real estate project.
Premia Projects Limited in past few months expanded its operations in different states with its Regional Offices at Lucknow followed by Patna and Agra. The Company is planning to go PAN India so that investors can actually explore out this opportunity and can think beyond just Business Park or Corporate Park and can move to India’s First Corporate City. The Concept will actually be ideal for Corporate Houses, International Brands or Companies with their Offices in India, Retail Brands and NRI Investors.
Greater Noida’s developing world class infrastructure combined with innovative concept and implementation of masterpiece project is a combination which actually makes “Premia CorporateCity” an unmatched project.

Premia Projects Ltd with its Innovative Commercial Project of India’s 1st Corporate City, Premia Corporate City sets benchmark and new dimensions to Indian Real Estate

Premia Projects Ltd with its Ultra Luxury Commercial Real Estate Project launched in 2012 offers unbeatable location and investment advantages to the Real Estate investors looking for Assured Returns, Capital Appreciation or Rental Incomes from any Commercial Project. Ideal Location combined with world class infrastructure connecting Premia Corporate City with Delhi-NCR, Agra and other significant cities of UP and Haryana is going to make the Corporate City emerge to have Commercial and Business Significance. Another aspect in favor of Premia Corporate City making it ahead of nearby projects is its team of Key Consultants including Design Team 3, Singapore and ADI Ltd, Hongkong with the project being launched by Mr. Tarun Shienh as Managing Director of Premia Projects Limited, a dynamic innovative professional and visionary entrepreneur having over 17 Years of rick and diverse experience into Real Estate and Finance Sectors.

The organization in recent short span since its launched created a buzz in realty market by its Project announced as “India’s First Corporate City”. The Concept of Corporate Park was introduced in highly innovative way making Premia Corporate City actually unique in terms of offerings. Premia Corporate City implements Luxury Component as premium offering to its investors on their Investment returns. For its uniqueness and concept, Premia Corporate City received “Best Location in the City” and “Premium Project of Year” awards by Builders Council of India in 2012.

After getting appreciation over its Project Uniqueness and Concept combined with unmatched Advantages may it be location advantage or investment advantage, Premia Projects Ltd launched its Lucknow and Patna Regional Office. Foreseeing the advantages of Premia Corporate City’s connectivity with Agra through “Yamuna Expressway”, company marks its presence in Agra opening the avenues for Investors in Agra to reach out in NCR. Mr. Tarun Shienh, Managing Director of Premia Projects Ltd quoted on why PremiaCorporate City could be promising investment option, “Travel time between Agra and Delhi become more convenient and shorter because of Yamuna Expressway, so it’s the right time to offer people of Agra viable option in Greater Noida to invest and get connected more closely with Delhi-NCR. Premia therefore for the first time in India dedicates an entire city to Corporates willing to position themselves into next corporate destination of coming times”.

Premia Corporate City offers Commercial Office Space, Serviced Studios, Retail Mall, American Style Duplex Villas, Food Court, Golf Course, Amusement Park, Exclusive Clubs, Banquet Hall, Restaurants, Multiplex, Bar & Lounges, Banks, ATM Space etc, therefore for an investor it actually offers a complete set of options to choose within the Complete Corporate City. Premia Team is not only focused into developing a high concept corporate city but also connected with causes and concerns which they have primarily covered in their CSR initiatives. Therefore Premia is emerging not just as yet another real estate developer, but is known and getting recognized for its innovative concepts and planning.